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Where God and Culture Collide

November 29, 2011

I tend to roam in a landscape littered with art, film, music and writings on the fringes of culture; all the while rooted in a realm of grace and mercy of the one true God. On my forays outside the faith I inevitably stumble upon talk of God (or the lack there of). I may be reading an article in the Atlantic Weekly and a persons atheist tendencies and spite for Christendom clearly come through in her writing style. I may hear a pop song touting God as a woman, as one of us, as a lover, as an object, as a myth of some long lost fantasy life the songwriter leads us through. I may be watching a horror film where, in lieu of going to a priest, the fraught turn to science to help rid their lives of demons. Whether direct reference or just calling upon the language of faith [mercy, grace, longing, rescue (pull me out of this state), love, prayer, fruit, etc] there is a desire to be connected to God, to Christ, to something greater–even when people so earnestly strive to abandon any semblance of faith. These points of collision are the focal point of this blog. To quote Rebecca St. James, “the world cries for a savior; and he’s right before their eyes.” I’m interested in those cries. And think you should be too.


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